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Please have a read of the more detailed information and update, with longer term information on our blog.

June 17th

Danish Parliament are meeting to discuss extending the freedom of entry into Denmark, and opening the border to other countries with low Coronavirus rates. Information to follow when announced....

May 29th

The Danish Government has announced today, that as of June 15th residents & citizens from Norway, Iceland and Germany are allowed to travel into Denmark.

In order to be able to enter Denmark, you must be able to document that you are staying in Denmark for at least 6 nights.

Your stay cannot be in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg

May 21st

Permanent German residents and Nordic Residents/Citizens are allowed to enter through the border into Denmark if they have a second or holiday home in Denmark. There are more areas and gardens opened up within Denmark also as the restrictions relax for Danish residents. 

The full border opening announcement has been confirmed as being made on May 29th, and within hours of the announcement of this date many major airlines - including NON EU ones have listed as of June 15th flights into Copenhagen. We are hoping this is a positive indication of what the announcement will be next Friday.

May 8th

The Danish Prime minister has announced a relaxing of lockdown within Denmark, and has announced we will know by the end of May when Lockdown for the borders will end. 

But in the meantime the Danish Borders will be closed for at least the month of May - and all weddings are to be postponed accordingly.

The full outline of the May 8th prime ministers timeline  of lockdown measure is in the English article here 


7th April 2020

The Danish government have announced that the borders coming into and going out of Denmark will remain closed until the 10th May 2020.  Positive movement though in that schools and kindergatens will be open again next week for children of certain ages, meaning that the lockdown is beginning to end.  The Danes are told that if they can they should try and go back to the office to work and high schools and government offices will re-open no earlier than the 10th May.  This means that there will be no weddings in Denmark until at least the 10th May.  The Agency of Family Law, of course will still be open and answering emails up to this point. And we are still processing files for beyond lockdown and into August.

3rd April 2020

The Danish Agency of Family Law - Familierethuset have issued a statement 
this is for approved couples who have a license that expires during the lockdown and they cannot get married in Denmark as planned

"The Family Court has decided that, due to the extraordinary situation, we will re-open an application and issue a new certificate without paying a new fee, in cases where couples cannot be married within the validity period, if this is due to entry restrictions in Denmark, or other restrictions in Denmark as a result of COVID-19.

A case will be re-opened if requested. This means that we must ask of you to contact us, if the couple's certificate has expired without it being possible for them to get married due to the restrictions in Denmark.

This means that the applications you send to us will be finalized and we will issue a certificate regardless of the period of validity, if the conditions for being married are met."

This is really lovely and positive news, as initially couples were going to need to pay a new €217 processing fee - so we would like to personally thank the Familierethuset very much for their understanding and help in these tough times -they are all complete super stars and have continued to be in constant contact with us and working from home throughout this.

We can only get the cases re-opened once the certificate has expired and when the travel restrictions are lifted in Denmark and marriages can begin to go ahead. If you have VISAS and permits that are expiring/have expired/did expire etc you will need to obtain newly dated VISAs/permits. 

This re-opening will not happen automatically, and for our couples this will all of course happen automatically and you will be contacted (there is a form to fill in to state that the situation has not changed since original approval). For all couples who are not supported, please do not worry, feel free to contact us and we have a new service to do everything for you, take over Power of Attorney on your file, contact the Familierethuset, and get your Town Hall booked, it is only €195. 

Please contact us anytime via our contacts page by clicking here by e-mail at or call us on +45 36964950 or what’s app +447934 933486


31st March 2020

Denmark is starting to evaluate and consider the end of lockdown, when that will be, and the control of the situation. This is a huge positive and advancement. We will keep you posted, but you can still continue to plan your wedding for beyond lockdown, read the official Prime Ministers article here 


24th March 2020

Today the Danish Government has announced that the town halls will not open until the 13th April, this is the same time as they Danish Boarders will open.  Of course these dates are still subject to change.  For our couples this means that we can NOT book any appointments with the town halls until the 13th April when they will be open again and able to answer emails and take phone calls.  For those of our couples that are waiting to make appointments this means that realistically they will not be able to marry until the week commencing 20th April.  Again this dates may possibly change and we will keep you informed through our social media and of course we will contact couples directly.  If you have any questions then we are here to answer your queries throughout this time.



19th March 2020


17th March

11.40 - The Agency of Family Law are still working and responding to emails.  There is a slight delay to their usual almost immediate response, however the system is still open.  Please note this is only for Agencies and not for direct contact for couples that have applied directly.  If you are worried about your application then please let us know and we can try and help.  


16th March

12.30 - After a weekend of uncertainty for a lot of couples there are some couples able to marry today in Copenhagen City hall, these were couples that were already in Denmark before the boarders closed and those who had extenuating circumstances.  Today will be the last day for ceremonies for an undefined period of time.  People are not allowed to enter or exit Denmark for now.


13th March

7.30pm - Denmarks Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said "The border will be closed from Midday Saturday March 14th for land, air and sea, and last until April 13th, we are in unknown territory, we are in the middle of something none of us has ever tried before. I am certain that we will get through this together, right now, I know that the series of actions we are taking seems very severe and it will be experienced as severe but I am convinced that it is worth it" 

All previous statements of emergency ceremonies are being rethought on Monday. We will keep you posted as events unfold. 

Whilst these measures seem inconvenient it is for the longterm health and happiness of all of our couples and a safer Denmark and World for the future - which is of paramount importance.

UPDATE 14.25 - There are currently no travel bans for any nationals entering Denmark.  Copenhagen airport is running as usual.

UPDATE 13.45 - On Thursday 12th March the Danish government passed a law that allows for people to be tested for the coronavirus, if they are tested as positive then they are to be quarantined and monitored by the Danish police.  This has been seen an excellent way of keeping the country safe from and containing the virus, and will certainly help with the country ending the 'lockdown'.

UPDATE 15.48 - If you are marrying in Copenhagen City Hall during the closure period and have either a VISA or permit that will expire, are pregnant or have a terminal illness please contact us and we may be able (on a case by case basis) still have your ceremony go ahead.

UPDATE 15.43 - Kolding Town Hall closed until March 30th (this may change)


UPDATE 15.25 - Copenhagen City Hall is closed until March 30th (this may change) as of end of Tomorrow (13th March)


UPDATE 15.00 - The Agency of Family Law have advised that there are no phone lines that are open.  Contact is via email only.


UPDATE - 14.50 - The Agency of Family Law have stated that all interviews are cancelled until March 30th, those with interviews booked in this time will be contacted  and they will be given priority time slots once the offices have re-opened.

getting married in Denmark Coronavirus


UPDATE 14.45 - Tønder town hall is closed until 13th April


UPDATE 13.50 - Town halls that are closed until 30th March (this date may change).

Although the Agency of Family Law will still be operational during the time of the closures the individual town halls that are closed can not make ceremony reservations during this period.





Copenhagen City Hall will confirm this afternoon. (12th March)



UPDATE 12.30 - There are several town halls that are closing and have cancelled all ceremonies until the end of March (exact dates will be confirmed)




Copenhagen City Hall will confirm this afternoon. (12th March)


UPDATE 9AM - On Wednesday the 11th of March, the Danish government announced that all universities, schools, and creches will be shutdown for two weeks to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. 

To all our couples who have ceremonies booked, we are speaking to the authorities regarding your ceremony and we will be in touch with you individually today. Please do not worry. We are in constant contact and we will let you know how this affects you. 

Sam & Leanne X


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