Are you the best option for Foreign and International couples?

Yes we consider ourselves to be the best option for Foreign and International couples, and have helped over 3000 Foreign and International couples get married in Denmark in legally recognised civil ceremonies that are recognised worldwide. 

Many couples are worried that their situation is complicated, difficult, unusual, unique, complex and are quite stressed about it. But there is no situation that we have not had, and we help all manner of NON EU and EU citizens marry that are residents and citizens all over the world. Different Decrees from all over the world, different permits, visas and situations. We are experts in this field and the document requirements for Getting Married in Denmark. And to date there has been no situation or couple that we have not been able to help. And we have a very fast turnaround time also, we can help you marry in less than a month as we have complete faith in our expertise, knowledge, efficiency and experience.  So we can confidently say that we believe we are the best agency if you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark.

We also ensure we work with truly International wedding photographers, Florists, hair and make up artists - who between them and us speak English, Danish, French, German, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian & Russian.