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We know that due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown in Denmark there is widespread panic and confusion amongst the International couples who were travelling from all over the World for their wedding on set timeframes with parties booked around the Legal wedding part, had guests flying in, permits and VISAs running out, dreams and countdowns all up in the air and turn from excited anticipation and full preparation to worry and uncertainty over night. Weddings in Denmark and the affect on them due to Coronavirus is big if you are marrying soon.

And you are now thinking 'How do I reorganise or reschedule my Danish Wedding?" "Who do I contact to help organise or reschedule my wedding in Denmark?"  "Is it going to be possible to change the date?" "It is possible to move to a different Town Hall in Denmark and get a faster or easier date?" "Will the venues be opening when they say they will and how will I get an update?" "Is there anyway I can contact the Agency of Family Law Familierethuset and speak to anyone" "Due to coronavirus which town halls are open in Denmark and when will they reopen in Denmark?" 'How do I find out which weddings are affected by coronavirus lockdown in Denmark?"

With regards to the cancellation policy in place with the Danish Agency of Family law - there are no refunds available, if your license expires, whether it is to do with Coronavirus COVID 19 or not a new fee has to be paid and your date cannot be extended after approval.

We can help you with all of your questions though - so please do contact us, whether you went direct and already have your approval, or are in the process, we have a service that is called the SOS service and is only €345 which answers and deals with all of these questions, and is worth the money for peace of mind and contact for the most important day of your life.

As of March 12th the Danish Government have announced that due to the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic all Country wide all Danish schools, creche's, Universities and  Government offices (which includes the Kommunes town halls that the weddings are held) are closed with immediate effect until the 13th of April (at time of writing).

Which includes the Government office that runs the weddings, files and licenses called the Agency of Family Law Familierethuset office.

This date of expected re-opening is only a provisional date that is given today, due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus the situation is evolving on a daily basis and we are unable to provide any fixed dates at this time as we have not been given any. We will post updates on our page daily, but if you would like any further information or have specific questions then please feel free to contact us.

At the moment the Agency of Family Law have closed all of their phone lines and communication is purely through email. And the only email available is the one that is used with and for the Agencies. So if you have made an application yourself direct you are likely in the dark at the moment or at best have received an automated email.

And the only way to contact via email the Agency of Family Law Familierethuset office is via an Agency through a different contact route that we have exclusively for Agencies. We can help reschedule your wedding in Denmark that has been affected by the Coronavirus lockdown.

What we know now.


For couples that are approved and have their ceremony booked.

Town halls are closed until the 30th March, some are closed until the 13th April, please see our update page for further information.

All ceremonies up to that date are cancelled.

We can contact the town halls on the date that they re-open to re-book the cancelled ceremonies.

You can not add any information or extend the expiration date to already approved cases that have had the Marriage license or "Prøvelsesattestendens" issued.  If your file is already in but not approved you can request the file be put on hold, to give you time to exit the Schengen area, or add a newly longer residency permit or VISA to the file and get married at a later date.

If there are visa or residence permit time pressures you may not be able to marry.  If you get a visa extension then you can not add this to your existing file.  You will have to re-apply and pay the fee to the Danish Government of 220€ again.

If the Town Halls and Agency of Family Law Familierethuset office reopen again at the end of March you can have your file moved to a Town Hall with better availability by the Agency of Family Law Familierethuset  Government office.


For couples that have made their application to the Agency of Family Law and have yet to receive their approval

These applications can be paused, if there is any information that needs to be added to these applications at any time e.g visa extensions then this is possible, but it needs to be emailed formally to the Agency of Family Law to put the files on hold. The office workers are going to be working at home during this period of closure.

Couples should get in touch with the Agency of Family law regarding your application, or if you take our SOS Service, we can take over the application for you and communicate with the Danish Authority on your behalf.  Add documents to your file and arrange your ceremony for you once you have the approval.

If you take our SOS service we will be able to put your application on hold for you, and when the Town Halls are back open again we can easily rebook you a date as we have direct contact with the Town Halls and the Agency of Family Law. Or we can easily move your file to an alternative Kommune that has a date to suit as we are the only Agency that work with every Town Hall in Denmark.


For couples that have not yet made their application

The Agency of family Law will remain open during this time in some capacity.  They do have a dedicated email line open for agencies to get in touch regarding couples and this will remain open.  Applications can continue to be made and we expect the approval time to remain the same.  However please note that ceremony appointments can not be confirmed until the town halls re-open.


How can we help

Marriages will open up again in an expected 2-3 weeks at this point everything will be running back to usual.  If you were considering in marrying this Summer then we encourage you to start the process as soon as you feel comfortable.  This way we can get your application in, have an approval and then book your appointment once the town halls open again.  We expect a BIG rush once the town halls re-open, so we advise you to get the necessary documentation arranged and sent off before this happens.

If you have already applied and you are waiting or your approval then please select our SOS Service.  With this we can take over your case during this shut down period and ensure that you get your approval.

If you are due to marry in Copenhagen City Hall before the end of March and you have a short dated VISA, are pregnant, or have a Terminal Illness we could potentially have your ceremony still going ahead, please contact us and it is on a case by case basis at the City Halls discretion - and strictly only for couples already with a ceremony booked into City Hall in March.


Our Thoughts

The actions that the Danish Authorities have taken are strong yet necessary.  Even though it is causing a lot of stress and anxiety for a lot of couples, and for this we are truly empathetic to.  They doing what they feel best and what is best to keep everyone healthy, and couples well beings and wedding plans is of paramount importance. It is due to the worldwide nature a necessary inconvenience to take this step.

The Danish wedding industry is one of equality, love, support and an industry that has helped so many wonderful couples that are married and live all over the world today.  

This is a situation that is unavoidable as we see so many countries all over the world take steps to ensure the safety of their citizens and their visitors.


Please contact us anytime via our contacts page by clicking here by e-mail at or call us on +45 36964950 or what’s app +447934 933486


We can help you with the wedding and alleviate the stress.

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