The Danish International Marriage Certificate

Submitted by Isabella on Wed, 22/01/2020 - 15:50

We didn’t actually consider the Wedding Certificate we would receive after we were married – that was secondary to my dress, googling hairstyles and worrying about my skin care routine…

But as luck would have it we received anyway 2 copies of International Marriage Certificate straight after our wedding from the Registrar which was in 5 languages, and this was English, Danish, German, Spanish and French.

Example of an International Marriage Certificate from Denmark
Danish International marriage certificate

The International Marriage Certificate contained the following information on a single A4 page – with the proud title “Vielsesattest/Marriage Certificate/Trauschein/Acte De Mariage/Certificado De Matrimonio

Then each subsequent section at the top being outlined in English, Danish, German, French and Spanish and listed in the following order.

- Date of Marriage
- Marriage Register number
- Place of Marriage


- Surname
- First & middle Name
- Date of Birth
- Place of registration of Birth


- Surname
- First & Middle Name
- Date of Birth
- Place of registration of birth

The Marriage Authority

- Name of registrar & signature
- Date of signature

I was very relieved that previous marriages were not listed nor any further information. There is a more detailed second document with names and addresses of witnesses and this is kept by the Town Hall you married in for 50 years. You can contact them directly to ask for a copy at a later date in the future if you lose one or both! Some venues like Copenhagen City Hall even advertise this on the website.

It was extremely fortuitous that we have a multi lingual certificate of marriage issued as we have since marrying lived in UK, Germany and also France – and thanks to the International Marriage Certificate it has saved us money and time on not needing translations and on presentation at Government offices not being held up!


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