Getting Married in Denmark - Ribe & Esbjerg

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Days of Ceremony - Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays and Saturdays

Document Presentation - Same day as ceremony

Timeframe between approval and appointment - 2 weeks

Witnesses provided - Weekdays


Where is Ribe & Esbjerg?

There is so much choice with Ribe and Esbjerg, although they are technically the same kommune,  Ribe is slightly more South that Esbjerg.  Both are 3 hours by car from Copenhagen and about the same from the German border. A wonderful midway between Germany and Copenhagen that offers stunning scenery and a wide variety of options for venues such as beach or Gardens as well as a Town Hall wedding.  To get to these locations you can drive or get the train from Copenhagen or you can fly to Esbjerg airport. 


Getting Married in Ribe


Where will I marry?

On the West coast of Denmark again there are wonderful coastal areas and the Kommune offer a multitude of wedding venues!

Esbjerg Town Hall, Ribe town hall also Outdoor ceremonies - The kommune is so open to holding outdoor ceremonies with so many stunning locations in the area, you are spoiled for choice!  Please note that your wedding agency will arrange the registrar to be there and can recommend you wedding suppliers to help with your outdoor ceremony.


The History & Sights of the Area?


Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark, dating back to the early 8th century.  With this there is a lot of historical and cultural points, there is a Cathedral, which is breathtaking.  The medieval 'vibe' runs strongly through the beautiful narrow cobbled streets.  This is where Scandinavia reaches the rest of Europe and the Vikings launched their wooden ships at Ribe to sell their goods and spread terror around the rest of Europe.  There is a river that flows right through the centre of town making a focal point for restaurant and bars which finishes at the harbour that used to welcome over 600 ships in the middle ages and make an impressive market place for traders all over Europe.  If course in addition to the river there are many water mills that make a wonderful sound of funnelling water.

Getting Married in Ribe



Esbjerg is the 5th largest city in Denmark with a population of almost 73000, a major port town and has a ferry terminal for international ferry routes.   Lonely Planet remarked that "nobody comes to Esbjerg for a holiday, in fact, as with many industrial ports, most visitors rush through as quickly as possible".  However we strongly disagree as lots of people come to get married and with the scenery as it is there is no surprise why!  The town has developed greatly over the last 150 years and this can be seen with the impressive  'Men at Sea'  or Man meets the sea is a 9 metre tall white monument of four seated males, located west of Esbjerg next to Sædding Beach on the southwest coast of Denmark. Located opposite the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, it is one of the area's major tourist attractions, and is a landmark of Esbjerg.  It is breathtaking!

Getting Married in Ribe



If you are looking at getting married in Denmark and want to consider some alternative locations that give you a wide variety of places for a ceremony - maybe you and your partner love nature, or the sea, or want something not so "city, then this could be the location for you. Denmark has so much to offer for couples in love and weddings!

Imagine walking along the beach the night before your wedding, watching the sunset on your engagement and knowing that the new day and sunrise also marks the start of a new life, new adventure, new chapter with your life partner and soul mate - and the only thing that matters is the two of you. Watching the tranquil Danish Sea and waves (which is always romantic!) and knowing your love will be just as deep and go on to be just as timeless.

Your wedding planner in Denmark can help with your dream


Get Married in Denmark in Nature in Ribe or Esbjerg


The area that Ribe and Esbjerg spans is one of natural beauty and industrial strength.


Our Recommendations

Restaurants in the two towns are numerous and you have the choice of all types of food from all over the world here you will see some restaurants in Ribe, and here in Esbjerg.  So much to choose from, our favourite is Weis Stue in Ribe, this is a lovely Danish restaurant in the town centre, and Viet takeway in Esbjerg, now this is a take out and there as not a sit in option but the food is amazing! And when the weather is nice you are not short of locations to have a nice romantic al fresco picnic to enjoy it!

The Wedding office are lovely and we can help arrange your ceremony at either of these locations easily as soon as we have the 'Permission to Marry' (Marital Certificate) from the Agency of Family Law (Familierethuset, or Danish Agency of Family Law).

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