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So you and your partner have decided to marry – That’s wonderful and congratulations! A time of huge excitement and joy.... but then soon enters the fear and the anxiety as you begin to get involved in the planning stages. An expert wedding planner in Denmark will save you time and money - and does not mean they are going to try and sell you ice sculptures of swans or baskets of doves! Its just to make sure the important bit of the actual booking of the ceremony and your paperwork and documents are in place, or there will be no wedding.

We at Marry abroad simply help keep those fears and anxiety at bay by taking on the often complex administration for you. We are professional and personable and you will have the same consultant the whole way through and able to contact them directly via email, phone, whats app, text or messenger - as we understand that "People marry People" and you want someone who knows you, your partner and your situation to speak to quickly when you have a question.

This means that you and your partner can keep that feeling of excitement from engagement to wedding day. After saying “ Yes, of course I will Marry you!“


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How to get married in Demmark.

The first question that often enters our minds and eats away at our joy of the planning phase is. "Am I even legally able to marry my partner?"

This is why any couples choose to marry in Denmark as it’s the most liberal when it comes to religion, same sex marriage (Denmark is one of the top Same sex wedding destinations in the world!) and nationality.

Once you have chosen Denmark you COULD try to contact the Danish Government office directly and begin with the administration – but there nothing more of a joy vacuum than admin! Who after all can’t wait to get into all that paperwork when completing tax declarations, and forms?!? And throw in that it is in a foreign country in a different language and that you are unlikely to be able to get through to the Government office to get direct help... and it all starts to zap the zen, shine and fun out of the whole event!

It is really advisable to get yourself a good wedding planner in Copenhagen, or just a wedding panner in Denmark in general if you are looking at Getting married in Denmark, and how to even start the process when you decide to get married in Denmark. Couples trying to go it alone and the Government office coming to a grinding halt without explanation  is why we have the SOS service available - as it is unfortunately all too common.  And if you have paid money and the clock is ticking towards your VISA expiring or that special date you wanted with no way of contacting anyone and no refund available on the fees the stress really ramps up to aneurism inducing levels of angst... And our prices range from only €295 to the very unprincely sum of €745 as the top most awesome service we offer! 

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Sam and Leanne our wedding consultants.

So leave that tedious admin to us, an amazing caring and cheap team of wedding planners in Denmark who care about your big day as much as you do. And thanks to all the lovely people we know in the Government office, town halls and locally that we know well, our connections, and our experience and extensive expertise mean we can speed through this bit for you. So far we have helped over 3000 International and same sex couples, and have had approvals within a day, got applied for yourself files that have been languishing in the Government office for months approved in hours, and organised weddings in under 2 weeks from the start of the process - sounds MUCH more like how you envisage your journey towards happy ever after with your life partner hey?! 

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Getting Married in Denmark made simple!

Once we have your documents and file approved we can keep that excitement going by speaking to you about that all important date for your ceremony.

We have helped so many couples and have made a great network of reliable people that can support you on your big day from hairdressers, make-up artist to photographers that will help you capture the memory and catch some of that excitement in your faces because you let Marry Abroad Simply take on all the stress.


We are happy to provide advice and a free no obligation documents list of which documents you will require to get married in Denmark or Get married in Gibraltar – just contact us on any of the methods below.

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