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Denmark is well known for International couples getting married in a glorious environment.  It is the cosmopolitan city of great culture and this makes it so popular for couples to come from all over the world and marry. Thousand of Foreign, International and Same sex couples come to Denmark every year with the aim of getting married in Denmark - especially getting married in Copenhagen!

They will receive an international wedding certificate that is valid throughout the world.  The venue of Copenhagen City Hall is just wonderful and our happy couples leave in awe of the registrars and the beauty of the whole occasion.

But what happens once you have your ceremony date booked for Copenhagen City Hall?  If you want to know the process to get you to that point then please see the blog 'how to get married in Denmark'.

Before your appointment at Copenhagen City Hall

So you have your approval and you have your appointment.  Firstly you must present yourselves and your travel documents at least one working day before the ceremony at the wedding office in Copenhagen City Hall.  This can be months in advance, but it needs to be done.  This process is easy.  Once you arrive at Copenhagen City Hall you enter through the main doors and to your left there is a glass door for all couples to enter.  You go to the desk and present your documents.  Usually you are asked to wait, or if they are busy they may ask you to come back in about one hour.

Once you go back and collect your documents everything is set for the day of your ceremony.  

The Wedding Day

You are advised to arrive at Copenhagen City Hall at least 15 minutes before the ceremony time.  Once you enter the building then you follow the lovely love hearts on the floor that guide you to the ceremony room. You follow the hearts up a stunning stone spiral staircase and then you will enter the waiting area.  This area is quite gothic in its atmosphere and is always full of couples and wedding guests.  There is a small cloakroom where you can hang your coats (remember it can be cold in Denmark)!  And maybe even more importantly there are full length mirrors so you can check that everything is in place for the big moment!

Please remember to take photos, if you have guests ask them to take photos, you are probably slightly nervous and you want to have memories of everything!

The Ceremony

The registrars at City Hall hold approximately 15 weddings per day, this may seem like a lot, however the registrars are truly amazing and enjoy the first wedding of the day just as much as the last wedding that they officiate.  Each ceremony is different, once your name is called and you enter the smaller ceremony room then you will be greeted by your registrar and there will be two others present from Copenhagen City Hall Wedding Office that can act as your witnesses if you are there alone.  If you have friends and family there, and they are over 18, they can ask as your witnesses.  The ceremony will start with the registrar saying some words about love and marriage.  Watch out these are beautiful words and have been known to make people cry!  If you have prepared your own vows then the registrar will ask you to exchange your vows now and then you will both say "I do" and then registrar will announce you as a married couple.  The witnesses and yourselves will then sign the certificate and the register, and you are then a legally married couple!

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony you are then free to leave with 2 copies of your International Wedding Certificate, you can have up to a maximum of 4, this is only possible if arranged ahead if time, so please let your wedding consultant know and we can arrange that for you!


Example of an International Marriage Certificate from Denmark
International Marriage certificate from Denmark

You are then free to leave!  You are a married couple!  You can now start your wonderful new adventure together!  Congratulations!


If you are interested in getting married in Denmark at the Copenhagen City Hall and want to know more about this subject, please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation documents list of what is required. We are expert wedding planners in Copenhagen and Denmark, and have helped over 3000 International couples so far, and are the number one choice for foreign couples to get married easily.


International couples marrying is easy
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